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Engineering Machine Shop

In excess of 650 sq.m (7,000 sq.ft.) and serviced with 5te overhead cranes, our machine shop capabilities include capacity for drilling, turning and milling with both CNC and conventional equipment. From one-off components to batch projects, we offer a quality product and competitive prices.


  • Asquith-Archdale Model 6PT 19-72, S# P31068, 19″ Column, 6′ Arm, Spindle No. 5 Morse Taper, 18 Spindle speeds from 9.5 to 1,560 rpm, Power cross travel, 20hp 220/440v 3ph
  • Herbert twin pedestal drill with automatic tapping head


  • Webster Bennet, 48″ Swing, 24″ Daylight
  • Webster Bennet, 60″ Swing, 24″ Daylight


  • 2 No. Colchester TORNADO bar fed CNC lathe: 85mm bar capacity; sliding head; 8 turret tool station
  • Harrisons Alpha 400 Plus: 320mm swing, 1m between centres H
  • Harrisons M450 2 Metre B/C Swing 350
  • Harrisons M600 1½ Metre B/C Swing 300
  • Harrisons M350 1½ Metre B/C Swing 300


  • CNC Ajax bed mill capacity: X-1,400 mm Y-1000 mm & Z-1000 mm
  • CNC Laguna bed mill capacity: X-1,800 Y-1,000 mm & Z-1,000 mm
  • CNC Huron 5 axis machining centre: X-1,200 mm, Y-800 mm & Z-800 mm
  • DRO Elgamill CS10 6m: X-4,300 mm Y-1,000 mm & Z-1,000 mm

Automatic Cutting Band Saw

  • Amada HA-250W up to 250mm diameter tube and 300mm (W) x 250mm (H) rectangular @ 0°

Lapping Machines

Lapping is a cost effective process for rapidly achieving flatness, parallelism and surface finishing to a wide range of components & materials, the process is used across a diverse industry spectrum.

We design and manufacture lapping and polishing machines for industry suppliers, worldwide. Ranging from 380mm to 2,500mm diameter they are supplied in three standard formats and specialised to single sided lapping.

We are able to adapt our machines to offer a bespoke solution to any handling or tool requirements.

  • Where parts are heavy enough to lap under their own weight or under the hand weights supplied, an open face machine is sufficient.
  • When extra pressure is required to reduce cycle times, we provide machines with a pneumatic pressure pad over each ring.
  • The third option is a water cooled sub plate. Where factors such as abrasive use, parts being lapped and pressure combine to heat the plate and cause it to deform, water cooling can prevent the build-up of heat and help maintain good flatness.

Other special features that can be offered: variable speed drive; soft start; pneumatically controlled table tops and special jigging.

Our machines can also be adapted to suit a wide range of abrasives from diamond to peristaltic pump systems.